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European Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam
pwnEuropean Professional Women’s Network is a unique on-line networking and learning community for women and companies seeking to promote women’s professional progress.

EuropeanPWN is Europe’s dynamic fast-growing online and offline networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries.

With 3500 members and more than 90 nationalities, EuropeanPWN organizes around 600 events a year in 17 cities.

The Amsterdam City Network (EuropeanPWN-Amsterdam) is among the largest and most active of the City Networks that form EuropeanPWN.


Promote the professional progress of women through all their career phases, from potential through the pipeline to power by mentoring, training and networking.

Promote sustainable professional career paths for all by working to disseminate information on innovative best practices.

Promote sustainable professional career paths for all by working to disseminate information on innovative best practices

Encourage companies to recognise the necessity of diverse and innovative management approaches by promoting women’s success stories (what they did new and differently)

Raise the volume of European women’s voices by increasing women’s presence in the media and public life (conferences, think tanks.)

We aim to create an online European network of 5,001 professional women dedicated to leading positive and progressive change for and through their organizations.


Established in 1986, EuropeanPWN-Amsterdam is one of the founding members of the European Professional Women’s Network. Since then, many new or existing networks have joined EuropeanPWN. To date, the EuropeanPWN has over 3,500 members of 90 nationalities, to which our Amsterdam chapter contributes over 300 members representing 25 nationalities.

The Amsterdam network was founded and originally known as “Womens International Network” (WIN).

Who are our members? A group of confident, constructive and very international professional women who delight in all the aspects of today’s opportunities – personal, professional and familial. We aim to learn from each other the ins and outs of the world of work and maximise our recognised potential and impact. Our members are international business women, working in corporations or the public sector or entrepreneurs who have launched their own companies.
Amsterdam City Network’s (off-line) events are held predominantly at locations in Amsterdam City Center and in The Hague. Membership of the Amsterdam City Network also allows members to attend events of our sister networks across Europe. Members can access the calendar feature on our website that allows for easy online registration and payment to attend events where-ever their travels take them.
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